When someone is addicted to drugs or substances that affect the brain after the intake, it is quite difficult to resist the urge to use them no matter how much harm the drug may cause. Drug addiction isn’t about just inhaling or intaking illegal substances like heroin, cocaine, or other illegal drugs. One can also get addicted to alcohol, medication like painkillers, sleep, and anti-anxiety medications that cause harm in the long run to a person’s body.

The first step about a drug intake is always about how one feels about taking drugs and how they feel after one intake. One may think that it is easy to control how much and how often to use such things, but drugs tend to control the brain and work overtime. Physical changes like losing self-control can lead to damaging behaviors as well.

What is drug abuse and drug addiction?

Drug abuse is when a person either uses legal or illegal substances in ways one shouldn’t. One might take more than a regular dosage of prescribed pills or even use someone else’s prescription to get hold of drugs. A person usually abuses drugs to feel good or ease stress or even avoid the reality they face. However, these unhealthy habits are controlled to stop using altogether.

On the other hand, addiction is when you can’t stop the intake of drugs. Addiction is where the drug is not affecting your health, and you are in danger. Addiction is not when one is at financial risk, problems, or other crises that would cost you your loved ones. The urge to get drugs can fill up every minute of one’s day, no matter how much you want to quit it.

Warning signs of drug abuse

There are specific symptoms where one tends to figure out particular symptoms used to diagnose drug use disorders or warning signs that either you are involved in drug-related problems.

  1. Having blackouts or losing memory is one of the first signs of drug abuse or addiction.
  2. Mood problems like irritability, mood swings, tantrums, or sadness come with other drug addiction problems.
  3. Repeated arguments with loved ones or those related to you have issues with drugs. Hence, arguments are apparent.
  4. Repeated using drugs to cope with problems becomes a common phenomenon with drug addicts.
  5. Physical symptoms are common when one becomes a drug addict. Also, when abstaining from drug use, one tends to suffer from ailments.
  6. Spending less time on life obligations are also common as one is involved in drug use.
  7. Using more drugs to get high than one tends to use is expected when one is addicted is another way to understand that one is addicted to drugs.

Legal problems are attached to someone with continuous drug addiction; drugs’ effects also worsen repeated social relationship problems. Other than legal issues, tolerance marked is drastically decreased due to the impact of drugs. Hence, a significant increase in the amount of substance is either the same high or other desired effects.

Therefore, one must know what is drug abuse and drug addiction and what the difference is and what one needs to know to avoid the risk of having severe effects. Hence, make sure you understand the results and side effects after urging into illegal forms of drugs.