Braces Vs. Invisalign: What’s better?

A popular debate in the field of Dentistry revolves around the orthodontic treatment of misaligned and malpositioned teeth.  Whether the age-old method of braces or the new technology of Invisalign is better, we at Taylor Street Dental are ready to break it down to understand the process and its pros and cons.

If you’re here, reading this, it’s because you are either considering straightening your own teeth or are conducting some research for a loved one. Worry no more, we’ve got all the information you require to make the right choice.

Here’s what you need to know:

Braces are best defined as tools used over a period of time to help straighten or fix misaligned / crooked teeth. Most individuals start their orthodontic treatment at a very young age as it is quite time consuming yet effective. It is recommended to start treatment between the ages of 8-14 as this growth phase of the child works in favour of straightening the teeth and angle of the mouth / jaw. However, even adults can get it – the well-known better alternative- Invisalign.

Treatment procedure:

When you approach a Dentist at Baulkham Hills, Taylor Street Dental, you can expect the orthodontist or the dentist to ask you some general health questions, practically consult your mouth and teeth structure, take X-rays of the same and strategize a efficient and effective plan for you to fix your teeth. Each plan is individual specific and there’s no ‘one fits all’ policy in terms of braces or invisalign aligners.

Types of Braces

Here, we dive into the different types of braces and then branch out to understanding Invisalign. All of this with their pros and cons stated alongside. Let’s fix some teeth now, shall we?

Starting with the Metal Braces or ‘Traditional Braces’, these are a complex system with bands, flexible wires and brackets that hold it together.

Lingual Braces are the ones that use a bracket system attached to the back of your tooth to help create pressure and align teeth. As opposed to the traditional braces, these are not noticeable.

Another kind of braces are the Ceramic ones. The brackets are made with ceramic that comes in the colour of your tooth making it look more natural.
All of these require to be worn for a minimum of 2 years for any treatment suggested by your orthodontist. A few years (with metal in your mouth) for an everlasting smile? Doesn’t sound that bad, afterall!

Now, to speak of the new and improved version of braces – The Invisalign.
These are an alternative to the entire complex metal braces system and are new, improved as well as extremely convenient. Invisalign are aligners that are invisible as opposed to the traditional braces that require metal stuck onto each tooth until the completion of the treatment. Invisalign is an option that is better in case you don’t have an extreme case of bad tooth alignment and do not wish for it to be visible.

Braces, as a treatment, have been around since historic era’s and are deemed to be ‘not pretty’ even though they come in different colours. The more aesthetic and accessible option is Invisalign aligners that take shorter amounts of time and stay behind curtains of being invisible. Invisalign is for you if you can commit to wearing them and want the convenience of being able to remove it anytime you want. If comfort and aesthetics is what you’re looking for, contact Dentist Baulkham Hills and get your Invisalign today!

Having removable trays sounds tempting, right? Well, it is! Invisalign is very convenient but also equally heavy on the pocket. They do not help when the tooth is twisted or requires a long term treatment and the only option is to go with the traditional braces. Invisalign is designed to apply pressure to the upper parts of the teeth whereas traditional braces apply pressure equally to every single tooth.

Given both pros and cons of braces and Invisalign, it is up to every individual based on the requirement, severity of treatment and convenience as to what works better.  Whatever you choose, remember your goal of having a perfect set of teeth and an infectious smile.

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