Corporate social responsibility

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One hype is not like another, and some hype goes away a bit faster than others. This is just as well, because most hypes make no sense at all and do not deserve too much attention. However, there are a lot of hypes that do deserve more attention, more than they are getting now. For example, corporate social responsibility. This is a great way to do your bit as an entrepreneur, and we want to tell you a bit about that today. We will go into different ways that can be a first step in the right direction for you and your business. Are you ready? Then let’s get started together soon.

Conscious purchasing

First of all, you need to realise that as a business, you buy in a lot, probably a lot more than you think. So this is then a great way to make big changes. So if you buy and use a lot, you can also make a lot of impact by changing your buying behaviour. For example, look at buying packaging that is sustainable and not bad for the earth, for example from Calaso. This company makes luxury packaging and closures responsibly. Also with buying food for the canteen, the things that are in the office and so on; you can make a lot of change.


As a company, you also use a huge amount of energy. Heating your business premises, lighting them, using power for the computers and other equipment there; it all contributes to a huge impact. You need to find a solution for this. No, cycling while working to keep your computer running is not an option, we understand that ourselves. So, what is an option? Cutting everything off when you are done, buying energy-efficient appliances, having solar panels installed, a heat pump and so on. 

Labour market

Corporate social responsibility is not just limited to the earth, the labour market deserves attention too. Hire people with a distance to the labour market. There is bound to be something they can do for your company, and in this way you contribute to a positive impact on society. Just because they can’t do something as good as you, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a job at all. They are no less human than you, so act accordingly. There are plenty of organisations that can help you with this, and there are plenty of people eager to work for you.

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