Hello, Friend! When Holiday arrives is the time for a lot of Delicious food to be served at the dinner table. Ranging from vegetable rhombus, chicken chips, to fruit ice or banana compote. Hold on! Do not let your appetite for a moment make you crazy! Eating can make you gain weight, even worse can make a new disease at the end of Holiday.

Then how about tips so that appetite can be controlled and not frantically eat during Holiday? Let’s check it out!

Fruit first before eating Delicious food

Eating fruit before eating other foods can increase satisfaction and reduce appetite. That way, you don’t get crazy when you see a variety of delicious Holiday special food that is served on the table. Eating fruit regularly it can also lose weight. In addition, the fruit is also rich in vitamins and minerals so that it can meet the daily nutritional needs. No less important, the fruit can increase the body’s immunity at a time when there is a lot of disease threat as it is today.

Fruits can be selected based on their preferences and prepared according to their individual tastes. Make sure the fruit is prepared before your eyes go to the dining table. Fresh cut or cold fruit is an alternative choice before eating other foods. Sugarless fruit juice or with a little added sugar can also be your choice.

Small portions are better

Another way to avoid eating up is to take as few servings as possible. You can still enjoy Holiday food by controlling the amount of food that enters the body. If you’re afraid to keep eating, take a plate or bowl with a small size so that food portions can be arranged as little as possible. Studies say that smaller plates can make a person more satisfied eating food and tend to eat small amounts.

Busy yourself with chatting

Holiday is a time when family members gather and stay in touch. Instead of busy chewing food and make you gain weight, better divert activities by chatting with family. Even though the atmosphere is different now because of the Covid-19 pandemic, you can still connect through video calls , telephone calls, or just sending messages.

Well, those are tips so that you don’t eat crazy when Lebaran. After Holiday, you should be healthier and avoid various diseases as a result of fasting for a month. Good luck!