Dr. Ralph Merkle Explains How Nanomedicine Will Make Cryonic Revival Feasible

There are many scenarios today with even our most advanced medical technology where doctors struggle to keep patients alive, let alone healthy. Dr. Ralph Merkle believes that in the future nanomedical devices produced by atomically precise manufacturing could keep us both alive and healthy for essentially as long as we wish.

There is potentially one way for individuals who have the misfortune of dying before the advent of atomically precise manufacturing, and that is to preserve the body –or at least the brain– at the temperature of liquid nitrogen. This could allow the deceased to travel unchanged into the future, to a time when nanomedicine is sufficiently advanced where it is capable of repairing the molecular and cellular damage of the deceased individual and reviving them to a state of biological youth.

In this talk, cryptography and nanotechnology pioneer, Dr. Ralph Merkle explains how nanomedicine is feasible and therefore why cryonics follows as a rational choice to make. Dr. Merkle also talks about the current state of cryonics practice and research.

Credit, Ralph Merkle
Credit, Ralph Merkle

Dr. Ralph Merkle received his Ph.D from Stanford University and is the co-inventor of public key cryptography which underpins much of the security of the internet.

Dr. Merkle won the Feynman Prize for Nanotechnology in 1998, and he is currently a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Molecular Manufacturing, a Director of Alcor, and Department Chair for Nanotechnology at Singularity University.

Links to more info about Dr. Merkle and also links to the slides used in his talk can be found at merkle.com 

This talk was recorded on April 30th, 2017

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