How To Stay Healthy When Working From Home

Ever since covid-19 and lockdown, the work environment has changed massively. A lot of officers are encouraging their employees to work from home at some point during the week. Furthermore, a lot of job descriptions will say “flexible working” which means that you can work from home and go into the office if you wish to do so.

Working from home can lead to unhealthy habits which you may have noticed. You are probably waking up later in the morning and if you work on a laptop, you probably work in bed. Furthermore, if you work from home, you probably won’t have breakfast either, simply because you are not burning energy/ calories.

Here, we are going to give you a few tips on how you can stay healthy when working from home. Not only do you have to consider exercise but also the foods you are eating throughout the day.


Exercising is important when it comes to working from home. You are not moving a lot throughout the day and the furthest you will probably go is to the kitchen or the toilet. That is why you need to find time to keep your body active whilst you are working during the day.

There are many home exercises you can do which require no equipment. These types of exercises can be more beneficial for the body instead of weights.

Whilst working, incorporate exercises during your working hours. For example, perform 10 press-ups, 10 sit-ups and 10 squats every time you send an email. If you do not send many emails during the day, we suggest you do a little exercise every hour. Just to keep the body active.

If your home has multiple floors, use the stairs to get your cardio in during the day. You could also go for a light jog or a walk during your lunch hour. There are so many options when you are working from home that you should never struggle to find time for exercise.


A healthy diet is also difficult to maintain. One of the reasons is that nobody can judge you for what you eat, because they are not in the room with you.

When working from home, we would suggest you stay away from fatty and sugary foods because you won’t be moving as much. Stick to your protein foods and healthy carbohydrates if you wish to stay healthy. Additionally, you should be limiting the calories which you are consuming during the day as well. There is no need to eat the same amount of food when you are working from home because you don’t need it.

One final point is when eating healthy you must have a well-balanced diet, and consume all the nutrients you need. During the winter period, you may need to have vitamin D supplements to get your daily allowance.  Furthermore, you may be deficient in other vitamins and minerals, depending on your diet. For example, a vegan may be deficient in vitamin B12.

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