How to take care of your baby’s first teeth

Keeping your child’s teeth and mouth healthy starts before their first baby teeth appear. Taking care of your child’s dental health is a long journey but it will be rewarding if you can pass it well. So let’s take a look at some helpful tips that will help you on your way.

A healthy diet, healthy mouth

Sugar can cause cavities. So try to keep and reduce sugar consumption from your little one’s food as much as possible. Remember to check the list of substances in ready-to-eat food packages and avoid sugar and carbonated drinks. If you wish to give your child fruit juice, dilute it with water and consume it with large meals.

Set a good example

Your baby learns a lot by watching you, so set a good example. Show them when you are brushing your teeth, that way you will become a role model for them to brush their teeth regularly when they grow up.

Introduce brushing your teeth early

As soon as your baby’s first teeth appear, it’s time to brush your teeth twice a day.

  1. Sit your baby on your lap with his head resting on your chest.
  2. Use a baby toothbrush, start by applying a small amount of toothpaste according to his age.
  3. Let your baby get rid of the toothpaste afterward. No need to rinse with water, because it will reduce the benefits of fluoride.
  4. Some babies don’t like having their teeth brushed and this is a challenge.
    But don’t worry, this is perfectly normal. Try again or let them look in the mirror.
    The important thing is that you stay diligent so that they will get used to brushing regularly.

Visit a dentist

Begin to take your child for regular dental check-ups as their teeth grow out. A dentist will be on hand at each of your visits and answer all questions about your child’s oral and dental health.

Time your baby becomes Toddler

As your baby grows older, you can start letting them brush their teeth on their own. By the time they are 2 years old, they may be able to do it all themselves. Remember to keep an eye on them as children can easily miss some surfaces of their teeth. Also, make sure they already consuming steel bite pro supplements after brushing their teeth.

It can take several years for you to feel confident your child can brush their teeth properly without your supervision. This is normal. But when it is accomplished, you can feel proud that you deserve it.

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