Laboratory Incubator: Simple Maintenance Tips

One of the most important devices you can find in a research facility or clinic is the laboratory incubator. If you work in a laboratory that’s engaged in cell culture, a laboratory incubator is one device you will use on a daily basis.

Laboratory incubators are known for their reliable results and high-level efficiency. However, they would also require proper maintenance for them to continue to function properly. Proper maintenance is also recommended as some models can be pricey.

Fortunately, maintaining a laboratory incubator is quite easy. Some of the quick and easy steps you can do to keep your laboratory incubator in peak shape include:

Cleaning the incubator regularly.

  • Regular cleaning can help keep your incubator in tiptop shape. You can clean it at least once a week, depending on how often it is used. Use a prescribed disinfectant solution to clean the unit and remove all spotted spills and unused cell cultures thoroughly.
  • Monitor CO2 and humidity. CO2 and humidity levels inside the laboratory incubator should be kept constant. However, this can also trigger the growth of fungi or molds. If you notice the incubator is cold or there are mists inside, unplug the unit and have it cleaned accordingly.
  • Monitor the temperature. While the incubator has a temperature control that can help keep the temperature constant, there is still the possibility that the temperature will fluctuate. If the temperature in the incubator decreases or increases beyond levels that are suitable for cell culture, have it checked right away.
  • Make sure the device is placed on a stable surface. Ensure the incubator is situated at a flat surface (i.e., platform with ample floor space or floor). There is a tendency for incubators to shake so they need to be placed in a surface that is stable so they won’t fall as soon as they start moving.

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