New Video of Boston Dynamics’ SpotMini Robot

SpotMini is Boston Dynamics latest small four-legged robot. SpotMini weighs in at 30 kg, i battery powered and can run for around an hour and a half on a charge. SpotMini is the quietest robot Boston Dynamics has yet built.

Boston Dynamics is an engineering and robotics design company that was founded in 1992 by its current president and project manager, Marc Raibert.

In 2013 Boston Dynamics was acquired by Google. Google’s executives decided they didn’t want to make long term investments in complex robotics companies and they also became concerned that the robots Boston Dynamics were building were frighting the general public and harming Google’s public image.

This year, Japan’s SoftBank Group purchased Boston Dynamics off of Alphabet. SoftBank’s CEO, Masayoshi Son believes strongly that AI and robotics will revolutionize civilization and to that end he is directing his company to spend $100BN to make the technological singularity a reality within the next 30 years.

This video was recorded on July 19th, 2017

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