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Gene modifying can be utilized to correct DNA mutations, remedy the issue of food allergy symptoms, improve the well being of crops, and even edit human traits like eye and hair colour. CRISPR-Cas9 has been around for a number of years, however in 2023 we’ll see gene modifying technology speed up to offer us the increasing functionality to “edit nature” by altering DNA. We also would possibly see further improvement in AI-enabled autonomous avatars that can act as our representatives in the metaverse, even when we’re not logged into the digital world. NASA’s InSight listened out for seismic activity on Mars, and last yr it picked up a marsquake so big it was suspected to be a meteoroid impact. Now, thanks to the cooperation of all agencies with orbiters around Mars, the source has been tracked.

Startups similar to Confluera come beneath technologies changing Human life. The secret sauce of …

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