Depending on your doctor’s recommendations, you might additionally need to avoid or restrict benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. Instead, dermatologists usually suggest pregnant individuals use azelaic acid to handle zits. That can be irritating as a outcome of treating pigmentation issues in darker skin is usually considerably difficult with remedies that are commonly used on white skin, like laser treatments. But laser therapy strategies have superior lots in current years, and within the palms of an experienced practitioner they can be safely utilized in patients with skin of shade. Additionally, topical treatments containing things like hydroquinone and vitamin C might help too.


Book a complimentary 20-minute video session, and certainly one of our experts will curate your custom-made, clear skincare routine. If you happen to be using any topical prescriptions for zits, rosacea, or another skin situation, and your dermatologist has recommended you apply them within the morning, nows the …

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