Everyone definitely craves a body that is both healthy and sexy, but most people are still lazy to do sports, sometimes they think that free time is better used for complete rest, aka sleeping, because it is considered healthier and easier to do, even though that’s not enough. You need to exercise so that your body is more fit, especially if you want an ideal body like a celebrity, of course, you have to try your best.

For that, spend some exercise and also consume weight loss supplements from proven Nutravesta even for a while, in fact, you don’t even have to go to the fitness or gym to get your ideal body, just do some sports that are usually done by these artists, then the ideal and sexy body you can get. Come on, take a peek at the secrets of celebrity success in forming an ideal body just by exercising.


Gymnastics movements that are useful for shaping the stomach and shrinking thighs and calves. Pilates exercise is not only to train body balance, but to tighten a distended stomach. This gymnastics is often done by Tyas Mirasih, no wonder this beautiful artist has a sexy slender body. This sport is very easy to do and does not take up space such as running, lifting weights and other sports. You just need a mat as a base for doing Pilates exercises, then a rubber ball to bend your body over it. Do it for about 5 – 10 minutes every morning and evening, for maximum results


This Sport is pretty draining calories but still fun. Actually, this sport has been around for a long time, but for some reason recently it has started to hit again. This gymnastics originating from Colombia is a sport that is enjoyed with the accompaniment of the latest songs, it’s just that zumba has movements like fitness in general. This exercise is very useful for shaping the body to be more beautiful, especially the stomach, arms and thighs.

No wonder that today many women often use Zumba as a means of burning calories. By playing the music, then starting body shaping movements such as warming up, then moving mambo or salsa to cumbia, this sport not only burns fat, but is also a powerful stress remedy.


Relaxing exercise that is full of calm, rich in benefits for heart and brain health. Yoga exercise is well known in all parts of the world, even this sport is very popular with women, there are many benefits that can be felt when doing yoga for body health, namely, making the body fitter, strengthening bones, and more importantly toning the body muscles. If you regularly do the exercises above, you will definitely find a healthy and ideal body, especially if it is supported by a variety of healthy menus every day such as fruits and vegetables, not only is your ideal body you can also get taut skin and a fresh body.