Hello, guys! In your opinion, what has been supporting your appearance so far? Surely, hair is one of them right? healthy and beautiful hair would be everyone’s dream. But, for getting that dreamy hair it’s not hard, One way is by treatment. Well, want to know how to treat it? Come on, listen!

Hair care can be started from simple  things, One of them is by knowing what your hair type is. Want to know how many hair types? Check it out.

What is your hair type?

There are three hair types, namely normal, oily and dry hair types. A normal hair type usually has a scalp that produces a considerable amount of sebum or oil. This oil is useful as a hair lubricant so hair feels soft, smooth, radiant, and easy to style.

Unlike the case with dry hair types. This type of hair usually looks barren and stiff, Healthy Friends. Blonde / reddish hair color, thin, brittle hair with split ends is usually a feature of this dry hair.

Conversely, this oily hair type tends to look wet, limp , and elastic because there is also a lot of oil produced. Well, of the three types of hair above, roughly, what type of hair do you have?

After you know what your hair type is, let’s take care of your hair starting from the following basic things!

This is the basic hair care that you must know!

Yes, after you know what type of hair you have, the next step for treating hair is to choose a variety of basic cosmetics that suit your hair type. Hair cosmetics can be in the form of shampoo, conditioner and hair tonic .

Every time we want to take care of our hair, it can’t be separated from shampoo. Shampoo is useful for cleaning the scalp and hair from various impurities that stick after activity. The use of shampoo for dry and oily hair is different.

Usually, oily hair is recommended for using anti-dandruff shampoo.

In addition to shampoo, you can also use softener, Healthy Friend! Softener ( conditioner ) is usually used after the hair is washed clean. The use of a softener is useful for reducing hair tangles, so hair is easily combed and styled.

Another hair cosmetics that is often used is hair tonic . Hair tonic is  also used after the hair is washed clean, Healthy Friend! How to use it, you can drop hair tonic on the scalp, then massaged so that the liquid is absorbed and evenly distributed. Its use can help stimulate hair growth, prevent hair loss , and eliminate dandruff, Healthy Friends!

Those are some basic things that are important for you to know when caring for hair, Healthy Friend! Know your hair type and take appropriate care.