What is a Heated Centrifuge? All You Need to Know

Heated centrifuges are centrifuges with a built-in heated option. A heated centrifuge is designed to provide chamber temperature. The chamber temperature of a heated centrifuge can go as high at +90 degrees Celsius.

Heated centrifuges are used for processes that require a heating supply. Hettich is considered one of the trusted manufacturers of centrifuges in the world. They have also perfected heated centrifuges that are designed for different markets and applications.

Hettich products are thoroughly tested to guarantee safety and compliance with international regulatory standards. One of their top quality products is the Hettich Petrofuge heated centrifuge known as the Rotofix 46H.

The Rotofix 46H is a reliable heated centrifuge that’s ideal for industrial and research laboratories. It is designed to withstand intensive usage as it comes with special buckets to accommodate a wide variety of tubes for different testing.

Features of the Rotofix 46H

The Rotofix 46 has the following enticing features:

  • It can heat up to 90 degrees Celsius
  • Its entry of revolutions per minute (RMP) is in increments of 10
  • The entry of the relative centrifugal force (RCF) is also in increments of 10
  • It has 10 programmable memories

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