“Apple has been lining up new devices ever since the iPhone seven came out for a couple reasons: first of all, they have used a great deal of hype regarding them, second they have a resale value which is notable, and finally Australia represents one of the first countries to get access to these devices which is why so many people want to know about them”.

Mr Kourouche who is one of the software developers for the iPhone and its operating system states that people travel overseas to come to Australia just to get a new one. This time zone, in regard to Apple stores, is the first one that will have them on launch day and has motivated many people to fly down just to take part in the launch.

It’s going to be a little different this year though. Similar to other retailers, Apple has effectively closed many of its locations worldwide as a result of the coronavirus. It’s hard to say when they will be back open or if they will be open for the autumn launch because of how the coronavirus is progressing.

It’s early now, and so we will not know if the new devices will be released at that time because of what is happening right now with the virus.

It is possible that they could be open, but it’s just too early to tell.

It’s not encouraging really anywhere in the world. In the United Kingdom, they believe that it could be up to six months before business, as usual, is going to resume for tech businesses such as Cybermo.

The iPhone 12 is currently processing according to Apple. This phone is somewhat important because of the 5G integration, allowing it to connect with networks that are much faster. It Japanese publication has stated that Apple is deciding on whether to delay launching it or not. It may be true for companies like Samsung as well, as well as those that use the android operating system.

“About 70{ef1b2e6762fd6a812cad266f1602e162eabb3885e235db02949b8d2c70700993} of every single smart phone is processed in China which is where all of this began, and why the disruption is so significant,” Razat Gaurav, a Llamasoft executive is recently stated in regard to determining what will happen regarding production of this phone.

South Korea and China produce these components that are used by the phones, and these two nations are ones that have suffered quite a bit from this virus. In South Korea, there have been clusters of the coronavirus, only 20 minutes from the production facility that makes them which can be somewhat problematic.

Emile Naus of BearingPoint as also stated that hardware is not as important as the software as it can be made remotely. However, testing the software can be made very difficult.

“There is quite a bit of security in regard to testing these because those that are testing can use the prototypes, which is usually shrouded in quite a bit of secrecy.” he says. There is another issue which is in regard to shipping which pertains to delays and suspensions of flights, and there’s a large chance that assembly plants, which are part of the final process, will not be able to complete their jobs and get these two retail stores.

Forrester doesn’t really rely believe that the new handsets will lead to large price increases. In fact, he believes the prices will go down on existing models, and it may actually bolster the prices for entry-level phones that are produced. So, although prices may not come down, especially if the demand is not there, it may require additional strategies to get everything back to normal.