Yuval Noah Harari – Political Crisis and The Future of Humanity

Yuval Noah Harari sits down with TED curator Chris Anderson to discuss human history, populism, globalization, technology and automation and our future as a species, which he believes will be relatively short. Yuval Noah Harari is a professor of History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel. His latest international best seller is “Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow”

Prof. Harari outlines in the book his argument that all living things are in some sense algorithms, and as a result we humans will likely no longer be the dominant species in a world where dataism becomes the ruling religion, as he refers to it.

He argues that humanism is a form of religion that replaces God with humanity. Humanism holds humanity’s desires and well-being to be paramount. Humanists believe that ethics and values are derived internally within each individual, rather than from an external source.

In the coming century, Harari believes that humanism will drive humanity to search for immortality and other biological enhancements but that this search will likely lead to the accession of dataism. Dataism, he posits, will put evidence and data paramount above individual human desires.

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